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Clean water every time

Cleansui provides potable water for everyone in their everyday life. It brings out the inherent power of water through the best innovative technology and mode of action. It continuously delivers water to people around the world. Cleansui adopts a unique “hollow-fiber membrane filter” to remove contaminants, including bacteria and fine particles, in water. The company that makes Cleansui provides a wide range of water-related technologies and services for use in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. in households and industry (e.g., restaurants).


Delivered the world’s first hollow-fiber membrane water purifier to the global market.

Activated carbon-based purifiers were commonly used in 1980s. In 1984, Cleansui launched a household water purifier with the first ever hollow-fiber membrane-based filtering system in the market. Our company has been growing and contributing to the society as a global leader in providing various water-related products and services, other than water purifiers, in more than 50 countries.


“Food, drink, shelter, and environment” which respects both human lifestyles and our planet (earth).

Tap water is safe to drink only in some countries, such as Japan. As a company that deals with water in Japan, we have been launching products and services considering global sustainability. These activities include information dissemination to the world through Washoku culture, which is a traditional Japanese cuisine harmony with our lifestyles, design of robust products that can be used for a long time, and collaboration with foreign organizations to promote efforts related to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). One of our goals is to contribute to society together with Cleansui users.


Drinking tap water is safe

Do you know that tap water in Japan is rich in minerals and meets its water quality standards, which are stricter than those for bottled water? Considering this fact, Cleansui has been conducting a campaign, “Drink the tap water!” since 2009 in Japan. Tap water filtered by Cleansui products is “Tastier and safer” than other water purifiers. Furthermore, the use of Cleansui products can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 99.6%*, compared to single-use plastic bottled water.

About Cleansui

About the hollow-fiber membrane

In the 1970s, a factory of Mitsubishi Rayon (now Mitsubishi Chemical) that developed fibers for filtering water and blood encountered a problem related to the opaque polypropylene fibers produced. A researcher from this company studied the fibers under a microscope and observed numerous pores on the walls of straw-like hollow fibers. The researcher improved the process, and succeeded in developing polypropylene “hollow-fiber membrane filters.” Since then, hollow-fiber membrane filters have been used in wastewater treatment and medical care. Interestingly, they were used to make the first artificial lung device in 1978.

The birth of the Cleansui.

In 1983, the incident of drinking water poisoning of the Mitsubishi Rayon president on a business trip in Mexico led to the development of hollow-fiber membrane filter a portable water purifier “Mashimizu” in which “hollow-fiber membrane filter” is mounted. This opened the door to the launch of innovative household water-purifying systems. Indeed, in the following year, the household countertop water purifiers “Cleansui S” and “Cleansui D” were introduced to the market. In 1989, Cleansui Petit that is the first faucet-mounted water purifier in our Cleansui series achieved explosive sales. This stimulated the growth and expansion of our lineup.

Award-winning designs

The aesthetic designs of the Cleansui products have attracted significant attention, and have bagged several awards in domestic (Japan) and global design competitions. The brand received “the Red Dot Award,” which is one of the largest design award in the world for three consecutive years (2018–2020). In 2018, we received the Red Dot Award in Product Design for the Cleansui Shigaraki JP100-C water purifier. This purifier was the first product from the project “Cleansui Knows Japanese Crafts,” a collaboration with skilled craftsmen who followed Japanese traditions. In the following year of 2019, we received the Red Dot Award in Brands & Communication Design for our corporate identity (CI) of “Cleansui,” which was produced by graphic designer Taku Satoh in 2009. In 2020, we received our second Red Dot Award in Product Design for the faucet-mounted water filter “Cleansui CSP901,” which was designed by product designer Fumie Shibata.

Cleansui should be the preferred brand by customers.

There are several reasons for selecting Cleansui products over other water purifiers in the market. First, Cleansui high-performance water purifiers with innovative hollow-fiber membrane filter technology can absolutely remove the 17 and 2 substances designated by the JIS S 3201 (Testing methods for household water purifiers) and Japan Water Purifier Association, respectively. Meanwhile, they selectively retain the beneficial minerals in tap water. Then, their sophisticated yet user-friendly design is attractive. Next, the low cost-performance ratio of the faucet-mounted purifier (one cartridge) that produces purified water equivalent to 450 2-liter plastic bottles of water has been unrivaled. Finally, we have a substantial after-sales support department that effectively facilitates the periodic delivery of replacement cartridges and customer care service to guide customers on the proper and carefree use of our products.